Spontea Coffee

Have a spontaneous 5 minutes talk. Get connected with your coworkers. Because it's still about the people you work with.


Tech for remote and distributed team

Remote work is here to stay. Get ahead of the game.

Simulate the spontaneous conversations at the office. Spontea Coffee simulates the physical cues we get while working in the office, similar to bumping into people or a quick desk or corridor conversation. At home it is easy to forget to take little breaks and people can be more reluctant to start a spontaneous conversation online.

Get people connected. Build relationships and the sense of belonging. Virtual relationship building can be a challenge. It’s easy to underestimate the diminished human connection, team bonding, and the sense of belonging within the company in our remote world. We recognise the importance of all these.

Morale + mental health + happiness = Productivity. Studies proof that people need little breaks to get on track and boost their energy levels. Mental health and happiness are crucial to morale, productivity and longevity of workers. We are all humans after all, not robots.

How It Works

  • ■ Get a prompt for a chat at random times in the day
  • ■ Or you can be proactive, and even jump into an ongoing conversation
  • ■ The video call is limited to 5 minutes with the option to extend
  • ■ You can be matched to one of your team mates, your favorite people, or a random person in the company
  • ■ The settings allows you to block certain times of the day and set other things such as interests